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Still here...

And someone told me they'd be purging accounts soon if there was no activity so I'm borrowing a friend's computer to post this.

Key West didn't work out. Long story. Long, long, long story.

I had to leave Zoe, the Wonder Cat behind too.

New friends to meet. New Islands. New loves and lovers.

And would you beleive, I'm still waitressing, only now it's in Antigua. I work at the Hermitage Bay hotel. Caught up on Season 6 of SPN, I might set my beach story here instead of Florida. Florida is so last year.

Sometimes I log on to my old Torchwood sites out of misplaced nostalgia. I can't beleive that something as beautiful was Janto was taken away from us and that we didn't fight harder. You all lost. I lost. We lost.

Jack is going to say "I love you" to that skankarella whore Gwen and there's nothing we can do about it.

FUCK! You all let me down. I was counting on you.

Anyway, I'm still alive, and coming to you from a beautiful island with beautiful people.

Maybe I'll post some fiction soon, but mostly I've been writing poetry.

Anyway....really, gotta go. Bye bye for now.

Merry Christmas Everybody

Thanks have been super crazy, but I am still alive!

I'm also still in Key West. Finally got my own place. It's sort of a hole, but at least it's mine.

It's been really hard to write lately. I want to finish my Sam & Dan in Miami Beach fic, but it's hard. I have so much Sam/Dean love, but I feel like it's been polluted with all this Castiel stuff and it's screwing with my Muse.

Anyway, working my ass off and looking for a better place.

Love you all.


Sam & Dean-My Beautiful, Beautiful Boys

That was so awesome. That's a show that cares about its fans, unlike the thing that is dead to me. (I'm still sick of Casteil's ugly face on my screen, but it's so much better than YOU KNOW WHAT.)Still working on the Beach Story.

Things are lovely in Key West. Still no apartment, but I'm ok on the couch and they're cool with Zoe being here. The bar I'm working at is great. Lots of tips. No new boyfriend yet. Give me time.


Relocation Time

Mom got tired of me moping around and I just don't feel like dealing with New York any more.

I've got a friend in Key West who says she can get me a job at a bar there, so I'll be driving down this weekend and starting after Labor Day. I'm not sure what to do about Zoe. I'm going to be staying with Jody and her boyfriend for awhile. I didn't actually mention Zoe, but I can't leave her behind either. I think I'll just take her and it'll be like "SURPRISE!"

I'll be looking for my own place anyway, and everybody loves Zoe the Wonder Cat. She'll just purr her way into their hearts.

I'm almost done with Sam and Dean on the beach story, so I should be posting that soon.

I know there are some comments I haven't answered. Limited computer access is a bitch, but at least I've had time to sit and think.

Torchwood is dead to me. Jack is dead to me. Russel Davies and all his creations are dead to me. Anyone who attempts to defend them is dead to me. I do not talk to dead people.


Why? Why? Why?

Late to the party, but it's not my fault. I didn't get to see Children of Earth until it was on BBCA, and after I did, I went a little crazy. I had to go back to Florida and stay with my mother for awhile, and she doesn't have any internet access and I couldn't get out a lot.

I'm still really, really, really upset. And angry. So angry.

I feel raped. Maybe it was a date rape, full of flirting and promises and even kisses, but when I saw what was happening, even in the first episode, and tried to get away, the bastard came after me and pushed me to the ground and forced himself on me.

The flirting and promises were all the interviews about how we'd love the Janto in the episodes. What fucking Janto? I feel like the whole thing was some Gwack-ho's fucking wet dream. What the hell was up with that? Why should Jack care about Gwen's ugly spawn? Why was he high-fiving her or comforting her? Why wasn't he spending every possible minute showing Ianto how much he loves him and making sure Gwen knew exactly how worthless she was?

The pictures? Those beautiful, beautiful pictues of Ianto and Jack, especially the one where Jack clings to Ianto as though he were the most precious thing on earth, the ones that were the slap in the face to every Gwack-ho who said that Jack was only shagging Ianto because he couldn't have Ianto and that Ianto was the clinging one in the relationship. I loved that picture so much, I made it my wall-paper. Now I can't look at it anymore. It makes me want to vomit, because we never saw that.

We saw Jack acting like Ianto was a piece of crap he couldn't wait to get off his show.

I loved that thing that Gareth said about "Jack and Ianto gagging for it." I thought that would be the hottest thing ever. But no. Nothing. Beans? WTF? That's when I really felt like I was gagging because I was being forced to "swallow" something that I couldn't handle.

Russel Davis did the impossible. He made me hate Jack. He made me hate Jack Harkness. It still hurts for me to type this. It feels like I was pushed down and forced to do the worst thing in the world, and the final fucking came when he didn't say "I love you?" How could he do that? JACK??????


Russel? Euros? John? Why?

How could John agree to play the scene that way? And then go to GWEN FOR COMFORT????

NO! I will never accept that. That's when I started hating Jack. That's when I knew it was true. He really does want Gwen. There will be GWACK! Russel wanted me to hate Jack, so that I'd love his precious Gwen. HAH! I will never love Gwen, and even if he shows them screweing, even if he has Jack say "I love you" to Gwen, I will never, ever, ever believe it.

I'm joining the saveiantojones campaign and only reading savecoffeeboy and antigwenallies because I can't stand to see any other Torchwood comms. There are people out there defending Russel Davis and his crap. People promoting Gwack. I only want to see Torchwood again and Ianto comes back and begs Ianto for forgiveness.

I don't care if it's logical. I want the show we were promised. I want to stop feeling like a victim.

I want to feel the love again, and I can't feel it until Ianto is back.


Forever-A Janto Drabble

Title: Forever
Paring: JANTO--DUH!!!
Words: 100
Why I wrote it:Cause I just had to do something (besides fap, LOL) after I saw those beautiful, beautiful pictures, and heard what Gareth said in Chicago. OMG I SO WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE!!!!

The fear is always there.

“Please don’t ever leave me,” he whispers to Ianto’s sleeping form, late at night after the Welshman has once again satisfied him completely.

He’s afraid to lose Ianto to the Rift, to Torchwood, to time itself, either the future or his own too vast past, which is now nothing to him but a litany of regrets leading to his happiness here and now.

Jack knows he’s the only man that Yan has ever touched and he wishes he could give his lover the same gift, but promises himself one thing.

Ianto will be the last.


Have you seen the pictures?

So beautiful. My boys. My JANTO. Completely, totally, beautifully IN LOVE!!!! No Gwen! Not even in sight. Jack Loves Ianto. SUCK ON IT GWACKERS!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy. I can't fucking wait for the show.

Gotta go write some fic.




Another Janto drabbley thing.

Title: The Dance
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: Everybody can read it.
Notes: I haven't been writing for awhile, but I just watched Something Borrowed again, and I wanted to give my beautiful Ianto a chance to say something.

Summary: Dance the night away!
Read more...Collapse )
He’s better than that, and the proof is in the dancing.


I mean wow! All the spoilers are so great. JANTO, JANTO AND MORE JANTO. Ianto tells his family about Jack, and Jack promises he'll never forget Ianto, and there's going to be more naked sex, REAL SEX this time. What could be better? And best of all NO GWACK!!! It's gonna be awesome. DID YOU SEE THAT KISS?????? MRRRROOOWWWW. No more doubts. It IS for real people. Jack loves Ianto and NOT THE FUCKING DOCTOR and certainly not FUCKING GWEN COOPER. Say "AYE" for JANTO-LOVE.

Not much else going on hear. Too cold to stay in New York so I've been in Plantation, Florida with my mother. I'm trying to get a job in South Beach, but mosting I'm just kind of lying around and working on my writing. I'm a little stuck on my latest SPN fic. I want to write something where the boys do it naked on the beach. That would be hot, right?

Anyhow...no new boyfriends. So sad. Just me and Zoe and Zoe's kind of blah lately. Too hot for her downhere. I think she actually likes the snow. We'll go back to NY soon, cos I think mom is going to throw me out. LOL!!!!

Keep up the Janto-love. WE FUCKING RULE!!!!!
Title: Home
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: JANTO (Like there's anything else worth writing about.)
Rating: Super Hot and Smutty

Summary-THIS is the scene we should have gotten.

Let me go home
I’ve had my run
Baby, I’m done
I gotta go home
Let me go home
It will all be all right
I’ll be home tonight
I’m coming back home

Only one person he wanted to see.Collapse )